You deserve vegan products that

PUT AN END to animal exploitation.

One simple switch is all it takes.

We created IMPACT to be a lot different

When only 1% of vegans in the USA alone SWITCH Their deodorant, donations will reach $4,000,000 to animal liberation groups every single year.

Fair Pricing

By owning our factory in Canada, you get the highest quality, vegan deodorant at a fair price.

Vegan Owned

'Vegan' isn't a term we use for business. It's a lifestyle our co-founders, employees and investors all live daily.

Giving First

Captive Animals don't rest, so we've committed 100% of all campaign profits to help organizations working hard to liberate them.

Giving a SH#T

Selling natural, vegan products that ARE NOT TESTED on animals in eco packaging should be the LEAST we all do.

Bare Minimum IS NOT Enough

Providing safe products that aren't tested on animals and come in environmentally friendly packaging should be the MINIMUM a company does.  For the right reasons.  It should not be a selling feature.  


We take it a step further:  We created the highest quality vegan products that make a positive IMPACT by donating 100% of our campaign profits so that animals and future generations can live in a world without violence. 

Making The SWITCH Matters

Since COVID donations to causes that make the most impact are way down.  Animals that depend on this are suffering.  Many companies just accept this for what it is and continue on with 'business as usual'. 


The problem is, 'Business As Usual' isn't working for our earth.  We need to think less about all the money to be made and more about what the money can do.  


By using this product, together, we are doing something different to save our earth.   Humanity depends on it. 

People Love it

They’ve created something spectacular. Natural, vegan deodorant that works, doesn’t harm the planet or animals and it is saving animals with every purchase.  Did I mention, I smell wonderful? 

~ Dr. Joel Kahn

Americas Healthy Heart Doc

Living in the jungle, I sweat a lot and have never found a safe vegan deodorant that lasts. Impact is so great that I wouldn't classify it with all those 'other' natural deodorants out there.

Joanne Gerrard Young

Celebrity Raw Food Chef

If you’re a human who sweats and you’re tired of rubbing, rolling and spraying toxins under your pits (or if you’re tired of buying natural deodorant that doesn't work and doesn't help animals), you're in luck...

All it takes is ONE SIMPLE SWITCH:

"As an activist company, fighting for animal rights isn't what we do after hours, it's why we're in business and why we show up everyday.  Together we can change the world without braking a sweat."

Margaux Khoury